Saturday, March 23, 2013

Windows Blue

According to rumors, Windows Blue is an upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows RT.  It will see improvements to the NT kernel and support for smaller and larger screens.

Windows Blue is the successor to Windows 8. It is not Windows 9; it is an updated version of Windows 8.

Windows Blue will be a free upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows RT users.

Windows Blue is expected to launch in August of this year.

There is going to be Windows Client ,Windows Phone and Windows Server Blue Release ( it will be on the same ship pace as Windows client Blue: annually, instead of once every three years).

Microsoft is working with Intel to make sure ultrabooks and hybrids that will run on Intel's next generation processor will have longer battery life with Windows Blue.
The final result should allow ultrabooks  to have the performance of a PC with the power efficiency of a tablet or smartphone.

Update: Microsoft has publically acknowledged 'Blue'

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