Friday, July 13, 2018

Windows Server 2019 Preview Build 17709. First Preview of new Hyper-V Server.

Windows Server 2019 Insider Preview Build 17709 contains the first preview of  Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

From the Windows Server Insiders:

What’s New

Click here to see the full list of new functionality introduced in earlier builds of Windows Server. 


Group Managed Service Accounts We've improved the scalability and reliability of containers that use group managed service accounts (gMSA) to access network resources. You should see fewer authentication errors when using a single gMSA with multiple container instances. Additionally, you no longer need to set the container's host name to be the same as the gMSA. We also fixed a bug that prevented you from using gMSAs with Hyper-V isolated containers.


New base image: Windows

We're adding a new base image to the Windows Server container collection. In addition to NanoServer and WindowsServerCore container images, the new Windows image is now available. This image carries even more components than its NanoServer and ServerCore siblings, meaning it can support applications that have additional API dependencies. To learn more and get started, go to

Available Content

Current build:
  • Windows Server 2019 Preview is available in ISO format in 18 languages, and in VHDX format in English only.  The following keys allow for unlimited activations:

Datacenter Edition
Standard Edition
  • Windows Server vNext Semi-Annual Preview The Server Core Edition is available in English only, in ISO or VHDX format. The images are pre-keyed -  no need to enter a key during setup.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server
  • Server Core App Compatibility FoD Preview
  • Windows Admin Center Preview 1806
Symbols are available on the public symbol server – see Update on Microsoft’s Symbol Server blog post and Using the Microsoft Symbol Server. As before, matching Windows Server container images will be available via Docker Hub. For more information about Windows Server containers and Insider builds, click here
This build will expire December 14th, 2018

How to Download 

To obtain the Insider software downloads, registered Insiders may navigate directly to the Windows Server Insider Preview download page.  If you have not yet registered as an Insider, see GETTING STARTED WITH SERVER on the Windows Insiders for Business portal.


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