Monday, April 21, 2014

New Downloads: Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 2.0 (MVMC 2.0), IaaS PLA - Consolidated Set

 MVMC 2.0

Date Published: 04/08/2014

Download Link:   Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 2.0 

MVMC is a Microsoft - supported, stand - alone solution for the IT Pro who wants to convert VMs and disks from VMware hosts to Hyper -V hosts and Windows Azure

From the Download Center:
    MVMC can be deployed with minimal dependencies. Because MVMC provides native support for Windows PowerShell®, it enables scripting and integration with data center automation workflows such as those authored and run within Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 R2. It can also be invoked through the Windows PowerShell® command-line interface. The solution is simple to download, install, and use. In addition to the Windows PowerShell capability, MVMC provides a wizard-driven GUI to facilitate virtual machine conversion.
    New Features in MVMC 2.0
    MVMC 2.0 release of MVMC includes the following new features:
    • Converts virtual disks that are attached to a VMware virtual machine to virtual hard disks (VHDs) that can be uploaded to Windows Azure.
    • Provides native Windows PowerShell capability that enables scripting and integration into IT automation workflows.
      Note The command-line interface (CLI) in MVMC 1.0 has been replaced by Windows PowerShell in MVMC 2.0.
    • Supports conversion and provisioning of Linux-based guest operating systems from VMware hosts to Hyper-V hosts.
    • Supports conversion of offline virtual machines.
    • Supports the new virtual hard disk format (VHDX) when converting and provisioning in Hyper-V in Windows Server® 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012.
    • Supports conversion of virtual machines from VMware vSphere 5.5, VMware vSphere 5.1, and VMware vSphere 4.1 hosts Hyper-V virtual machines.
    • Supports Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows Server® 2012, and Windows® 8 as guest operating systems that you can select for conversion.
    Standard MVMC Features
      In addition to the new features previously identified, MVMC provides the following functionality:
      • Converts and deploys virtual machines from VMware hosts to Hyper-V hosts on any of the following operating systems:
      • Windows Server® 2012 R2
      • Windows Server® 2012
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
      • Converts VMware virtual machines, virtual disks, and configurations for memory, virtual processor, and other virtual computing resources from the source to Hyper-V.
      • Adds virtual network interface cards (NICs) to the converted virtual machine on Hyper-V.
      • Supports conversion of virtual machines from VMware vSphere 5.5, VMware vSphere 5.0, and VMware vSphere 4.1 hosts to Hyper-V.
      • Has a wizard-driven GUI, which simplifies performing virtual machine conversions.
      • Uninstalls VMware Tools before online conversion (online only) to provide a clean way to migrate VMware-based virtual machines to Hyper-V.
        Important MVMC takes a snapshot of the virtual machine that you are converting before you uninstall VMware Tools, and then shuts down the source machine to preserve state during conversion. The virtual machine is restored to its previous state after the source disks that are attached to the virtual machine are successfully copied to the machine where the conversion process is run. At that point, the source machine in VMware can be turned on, if required.
        Important MVMC does not uninstall VMware Tools in an offline conversion. Instead, it disables VMware services, drivers, and programs only for Windows Server guest operating systems. For file conversions with Linux guest operating systems, VMware Tools are not disabled or uninstalled. We highly recommend that you manually uninstall VMware Tools when you convert an offline virtual machine.
      • Supports Windows Server and Linux guest operating system conversion. For more details, see the section “Supported Configurations for Virtual Machine Conversion” in this guide.
      • Includes Windows PowerShell capability for offline conversions of VMware-based virtual hard disks (VMDK) to a Hyper-V–based virtual hard disk file format (.vhd file).
        Note The offline disk conversion does not include driver fixes.

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IaaS PLA - Consolidated Set

Updated: 04/18/2014

Download Link: IaaS PLA

This download contains the consolidated set of PLA guides, which includes:

  • The IaaS PLA Fabric Architecture Guide
  • The IaaS PLA Fabric Management Architecture Guide
  • The IaaS PLA Fabric Management Deployment Guide 


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